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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Days!

Hope the turkey consumption wasn't overwhelming for everyone...I personally liked the addition of salmon, shrimp and scallops to the menu...yummmmm.....
I visited two new yarn stores over the break with my daughter (a fellow yarn lover...knitter and crocheter).  Very fun.  Yarndogs and Purlescence...full of great yarns in silks, wools, cottons etc...I broke the bank.  I already started some new projects.  I acquired a small vintage ridged heddle loom on ebay that I have put a warp on...making a scarf.  It's weird going from a big floor loom to a little table loom.  This way I won't have to tie up my big loom for something small like a scarf.  I also started a couple new crocheted scarf projects on the way back from a Kings hockey with a new wooden hook and the other with a pattern other than double crochet.  Crocheting is a good car travel pass time as long as the roads aren't too curvy.   Not sure I like how the pattern is turning out.  I'll post pictures soon.

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  1. Okay I saw a scarf you'd like the other day. It was made of double crochet filigree (Where there is 1 chain between double crochets). And they made a bunch of long crochet chains that they wove lengthwise through the scarf. The chains were longer than the scarf so it created natural fringe on each end.