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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Joys and Frustrations of Weaving

So, I've finally had some time to start checking out my new warp...I found out the 'tabby' in this pattern is really a rib weave, don't know how I missed that earlier in the description. Anyway, pretty fun, something different. 

The above photo shows my first fixed error. The bummer came as I was weaving and realized that one thread wasn't being picked up.  Upon investigating, I saw that I had reversed two ends from the dent into the heddles, so they were sticking every time I switched harnesses. I had to cut the ends and put them back through the dents in the right order...not too bad I thought. 

The beginning of a weaving project is always exciting, trying to find out what the different colors and types of yarn do as they get thrown across the warp, I love it.  Also, when dealing with a pattern setting, it's fun to see what the different patterns look like.  My warp has so many colors in it that what I choose to go across really makes a difference in whether or not the pattern is visible.  So far I like how the dark navy color looks also, the sheen of a pearl cotton is nice.  

Hmph, well, weaving again, trying out the different pattern configurations I noticed another problem..a FLAW AGAIN! Realistically, most people would never notice it...the perfectionist in me could never leave it. Can you see a flaw? No?  You can if you look closely at the width of the weft near the thread laying across the top...

I had to figure out my plan of attack.  I didn't want to re-thread  the heedles. Only two were out of sequence. I decided to move them all over in the reed and add the two back through the heddles at the end.  I hope I don't end up paying for that choice later.  I suppose I could have left them off al together, but I really wanted to get the most width possible.  I've notice the take up on the salvage edge is quite a lot with pattern.
So anyway, two hours later and 25 plus ends cut, put through the reed and re-tied, I fixed it.  I guess I forgot to listen to my old weaving teacher, Charlotte Funk's words, double check the heddles before you tie up...I did actually, but the complicated pattern repeat...and 480 ends...Oh well, at least I caught it before I wove any further.
People who don't understand weaving, just look at it as a mess of confusion..or tedious work and "why would anyone want to do it". 

I love the whole process.  I am excited by color and how different ones make me feel.  One thing with weaving is that the colors really change and play off of each other as they are intertwined together.
It's like a painter who mixes paint and watches the colors change..but different. :)

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