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Monday, November 21, 2011

Weaving and working along...

I bought some yarn.  Started weaving.  It's amazing how much I'm using.  One skein of 103 yards gave me three full bobbins worth and about 9" of pattern.  The take up on this warp is 2 whole inches. It started out at 40 1/4", now it's 38 1/4" wide.  It's really tricky to keep the salvage looking good too.  I think the navy color really shows the pattern.  The gold tone color cotton weft allows the warp to show through nicely.  I'm going to combine both colors.
I'm still formulating in my mind exactly what I'm going to make.  Sometimes, that takes awhile...I'm still experimenting with the pattern.
I've been looking into cloth labels for finished products.  If anyone is out there reading this, and you know a source for them, please let me know.  I found one place in Texas.  Their samples look great but, they have a minimum of stock isn't quite there yet. 

Sunday was raining all day, so in between weaving, I crocheted three scarves.
This one below is the 'Fall-changing colors'... in organic cotton.
Below is Winter Shadows, frosty sage green in silky bamboo yarn and purple and black fuzzy yarn woven in for added texture and dimension. 

 This one is a chenille cotton blend of cream, olive, and black with specs of purple and teal.  Don't have a name for this one yet.
Well, I'm still figuring out this whole blog thing.  I've looked at some different sites.  It's great being able to see fellow weaver's and their work.  There are so many talented people.  I'm not sure if my site is open for people to comment or not, or if anyone has even really seen it.  It's OK...I'm going to keep on posting.  It's kind of therapeutic in a way, posting the work I've been doing.  It's a makes it seem a little more real.
I still have work to do as far as getting a business going.  I did file for a I need to work on a website.  The business won't just be weaving, but design consulting and teaching too.
Trying to do it all and take care of the boys is challenging, but they are pretty supportive.  They can't really help me do anything, but they are encouraging.  So, I guess that counts for something.

I just finished a warp recently, made a rag rug amongst other things. Well, actually I have several pieces of fabric that I have designated for different items.  I'm going to wash them tomorrow and see what happens.  It can be an exciting surprise to see which yarns 'fluff' up, some will and some won't.  Some will felt really easily (well wool mostly), so minimal agitation is required.  I'll keep you posted.

After reading another weaver's site, I decided I want to get another loom that I can devote to small pieces like scarves.  I don't want to devote my floor loom to something so small...  I was looking on ebay for a table top far, the ones I've seen are for pick-up only, in New York...a little far for me.  I saw some too, that gave me an idea to make a frame loom myself...anyway, I'm always thinking. off for now...


  1. Three scarves in one day??? Impressive.

  2. You need to put all of these on your easy site and on revelry. :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hi, it's Carla and Honey Sunshine

  4. Happy Thanksgiving...Hope you had a great holiday...hope Honey had some turkey treats. I will post these on etsy and ravelry...I was having a holiday for new yarns...I bought some great ones.