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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Well, I'm bummed.  Somehow in checking out the aspects of this site and my blog settings, I lost my original design layout/template.  The choices that were originally available aren't there any more.  Weird and frustrating.  So, I guess I will be re-working everything. Who knows, maybe I'll come up with a better layout.  That's what I get for messing around with things at midnight.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Writing an artist's statement...

   I've been working on writing a Bio and an Artist Statement, two different things, so I've read.  I was reading about how to write an artist statement, what's entailed... I find it difficult to write about myself, praise myself, basically sell myself or my work to someone else.  The article that I read on how to write one, stressed being truthful about what you say, amongst other things.  I've read lots of statements by other artists.  Some I can't understand because they are so full of nebulous words or seem to have no 'real' content about the artist at all.  Others are overflowing with all the various shows and/or awards that they have received that I'm done before I start, not that those aren't good to know too, but I think those should be stated in a Bio.
  Ultimately, I feel like I am bragging or something.  When someone comes over, I either feel like a little kid,  and show off what I'm working on or mostly, self-conscious and ignore my work altogether (which is out in the open for all to see). It's like I'm embarrassed or something.  Why?  I've never heard anyone say, "oh that's crap" (maybe they save that for behind my back, lol), or, "why did you do that?", in a mean derogatory way.  In fact most of the time, they want to know how I did something. Or, they might say, "wow, that's a lot of work, or tedious...or that's really great".  So, what's the big deal?  Has anyone else had this dilemma?

   As far as my Interior Design goes, I had someone today want to know if I had a website (working on it) or a portfolio...uhg! I should have one.  I've designed so many tile installations for people over the years you would think I would have thousands of photos. I have only a smattering. Who's fault? Mine...
The potential client wanted to know, basically, why she should pick me to do designs for her.  So there I am, having to tell someone why I am so great, pick me!

   I remember a painting teacher I had years ago who said that there are two types of artists; those who create merely to create and those who produce solely to sell.  I've been primarily a creator, and thus, usually a giver of gifts.  I do love that.  I enjoy sharing what I make and giving things to others.  I feel like I'm giving a little piece of myself, rather than say a gift card...something anyone can do. Handmade gifts have always seemed more personal to me.  I suppose not everyone feels that way about receiving that type of gift.  I guess some people prefer a standard present from the local box store.  Anyway, I've have come to realize the need for both types of artists...endless gift giving creations don't pay bills...So, I'm on a mission.  An artist's mission of both producing art for pleasure and also for potential earnings.  A mission that years ago, I said I could never do.  Never say never, right?  Hence, the need for an artist's statement.

   Not sure where the journey is going, but I'm on the bus.  It's a slow bus too.  So far, I have discovered that I am happiest when I'm creating something...anything. A good thing to know about myself for this journey.  One obstacle that I have is responding to this simple little question- "are you an artist?",
and being honest and not embarrassed by saying, "yes, I am."  Really, I don't know why I have such a problem with that question.  What stigma is attached to it?  Not a worthy profession?  Saying I'm an artist, is not a bad thing.  There are so many great talented people now and in the past...So, what's up?

  So far on this bus, I joined our local art museum...again.  I was a member once before, but I was always to chicken to enter any shows.  I only participated as an art teacher and also took my kids there so they could learn about art.   I am planning on entering a show coming up...another reason for the dreaded statement.  It's a slow bus, and I'm a work in progress.
   Definitely ramblings of this artist...

Monday, July 9, 2012

It's been a while...

Ok, well, I haven't fallen off the earth.  Overly busy I guess with natural coarse of life.
What have I been up too?  Holidays, son's broken leg, graduations, camping, gardening, creating, etc....

And of course weaving.  I acquired a fun Harrisville four harness 22" floor loom to my collection.   I currently have about 19 yards of warp on it. I am making scarves on it.  Nearly finished too.

I helped a friend dress her loom earlier in the year.  That is always fun. She has an all white warp with different types of fibers.  How's the project going?

I recently finished this warp.  I like putting a lot of  warp yardage on the loom at one time and then making several things from it-all uniquely different.  The warp was approx. 12 yards long and comprised of silk, cotton, hemp, and wool fibers. It yielded a rag rug which I used recycled flannel sheets for the weft, eight unique decorative pillows, a shawl, a purse and a coin purse.  I purchased a yarn twister.  Never used one before.  I used it on the purse.  Boy, what a difference it made. I was used to making the twist by hand.  No big deal for one or two, but when you have a lot to do...well, it's much easier to get consistent twists.

I've also been playing around with hand dying natural fibers.  That is really fun.  My love of gardening has come into play.  I found myself scouting out various plants in my yard to try creating dye.  Really fun.  They never turn out quite like you expect, part of the fun surprise.  I like the subtle greens that the copper sulfate adds to the yarn. Some berries from an unknown tree created a taupey color on some silk.  More on that later.  Anyway, all for now.