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Monday, July 9, 2012

It's been a while...

Ok, well, I haven't fallen off the earth.  Overly busy I guess with natural coarse of life.
What have I been up too?  Holidays, son's broken leg, graduations, camping, gardening, creating, etc....

And of course weaving.  I acquired a fun Harrisville four harness 22" floor loom to my collection.   I currently have about 19 yards of warp on it. I am making scarves on it.  Nearly finished too.

I helped a friend dress her loom earlier in the year.  That is always fun. She has an all white warp with different types of fibers.  How's the project going?

I recently finished this warp.  I like putting a lot of  warp yardage on the loom at one time and then making several things from it-all uniquely different.  The warp was approx. 12 yards long and comprised of silk, cotton, hemp, and wool fibers. It yielded a rag rug which I used recycled flannel sheets for the weft, eight unique decorative pillows, a shawl, a purse and a coin purse.  I purchased a yarn twister.  Never used one before.  I used it on the purse.  Boy, what a difference it made. I was used to making the twist by hand.  No big deal for one or two, but when you have a lot to do...well, it's much easier to get consistent twists.

I've also been playing around with hand dying natural fibers.  That is really fun.  My love of gardening has come into play.  I found myself scouting out various plants in my yard to try creating dye.  Really fun.  They never turn out quite like you expect, part of the fun surprise.  I like the subtle greens that the copper sulfate adds to the yarn. Some berries from an unknown tree created a taupey color on some silk.  More on that later.  Anyway, all for now.

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