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Friday, May 10, 2013

Artastic Workshop- Batik

Greetings!  Well, I've created and held my first Batik Workshop.  I feel like it was a success.  I had six students.  It was a wonderful day of creativity.

Getting ready for the students to arrive, yep, I was a little nervous, wondering (it's only in my garage)---will they really come? will there be a power serge using all those wax pots? is there enough materials?  will they understand me? will they have fun?  Well...
They came! We had power!  We had enough materials. 
They 'got' it. 
We had fun!
Everyone started with paper to practice using the tools and then a small piece of cotton fabric.  After that, it was on to a silk scarf.  I enjoyed watching everyone's thought process and techniques unfold. 

    All of the students were basically new to Batik-a process of wax and dye resist.
Applying dye...
Several layers of wax and dye are applied before the piece is completed.
Letting dye dry before next layer of wax
                                                             Just a little more dye...
Some awesome art...
      The creative juices were flowing!

My goal in setting up this project was to create a place where people could join together, learn and share an art experience.  Enjoy art and self-expression. I think everyone can achieve joy and happiness through a creative process.  I believe we all have an 'artist' within ourselves.  We just need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life to let our creative spirit emerge.

I encourage you to release your inner 'artist'!

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